Writing Psychology Research Reports


Writing academic texts is an important skill for Psychological or Educational Theory students, whether in the course of their studied or thereafter, when they are active practitioners. Writing Psychological Research Reports teaches students how to comply with currently prevailing standards when writing reports of literature studies or experimental research. Step bij step it takes the reader through every aspect of writing up a literature study or composing a research report. It deals with every angle, from the choice of subject to reporting their own or other people's research results and applying the APA-style guidelines. The many tips and tools also make it a useful reference work for professional practitioners. This second edition is completely up to date with the recent guidelines of the seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Peter A. Starreveld is an associate professor in the Psychology programme at the UvA and coordinates the shared content of the bachelor's programme. Engllish translation of the successful publication Verslaglegging van psychologisch onderzoek (fifth edition).

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