Doing research


This product consists of a book including a website. Doing Research is a clear introduction to the methods and techniques required for research. It answers questions like: what does 'doing research' actually mean, how do you design a research project, what steps do you have to take, how do you collect data and what are the pitfalls? Doing Research sheds light on the complicated process of research. It teaches you research skills one step at a time. It discusses the theory based on the four phases of applied and fundamental research: design, data collection, analysis, and evaluation and recommendations. The various research steps are presented in clear procedure guides, so that it is easy to see where you are in the research process. Each chapter also has checkpoint assignments to test whether you have understood the theory correctly. You can find practical tools, tests and answers to the checkpoint assignments on the website. This 6th edition of Doing Research has been updated with extra attention to design research and action research. Doing Research is suitable as an introduction for students in higher education, but it can also be used as a reference book for applied research. Nel Verhoeven is an independent senior research consultant. She advises and supervises fundamental and applied research projects. She also gives various lectures, workshops and courses. She is the author of several successful teaching methods in the fi eld of methodology.

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