Blended learning design


Teaching can be done in many ways: in a group or individually, face-to face or online, synchronously or asynchronously. Each of these ways requires its own approach. When you know how to combine them in the right way, you enrich the student's learning experience. That combination is called blended learning. Activating strategies and maximizing interaction with the help of technology are essential. But what is the best blend and how do you design it? Blended learning design answers a number of pressing questions. How do you ensure constructive alignment between intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, and assessment? How do you connect with students when teaching and learning takes place (partly) online? And how do you leverage the strengths of face-to-face and online learning into one harmonious whole? This book can be used both in the design phase of education and during a course. It o¬ffers a practical translation of theory and contains numerous inspiring examples. These examples come primarily from higher education, but are also suitable for other fi elds of education. In short, a must have for anyone involved in teaching, learning and educational design. “Every teacher, regardless of whether or not they want to 'do something' with blended learning, should use the step-by-step approach to educational design described by Barend Last and Stefan Jongen”. - Nynke Bos, Lector Teaching, Learning & Technology, Inholland University of Applied Sciences “I'm happy to read that the authors encourage teachers to experiment. I wish every teacher would have that opportunity”. - Judith van Hooijdonk, ICT in Education Advisor, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

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